Nutritional Therapy

Are you fed up with constantly feeling unwell and want to get your life back?

In today’s world, intensive farming, pesticides, too many processed foods, stimulants, pollution and stress are just some of the things that can deplete us of the vitamins and minerals that our body needs. Sub-optimal nutrition can lead to symptoms such as poor concentration, fatigue, gut issues and headaches, which if ignored, can lead to chronic disease.

As a Registered Nutritional Therapist, I am passionate about the power of food and the effect it can have on us both physically and mentally. I have seen how sometimes a few ‘tweaks’ to the diet can have profound positive effects.

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However, as our bodies become depleted for a plethora of reasons, it makes sense that addressing the diet, whilst invaluable, may not be the whole picture and there could be other factors driving the condition including impaired absorption, thyroid or adrenal issues, parasites, environment and our emotions.

I take a holistic approach to health, using my coaching skills alongside nutrition for your optimal health and wellbeing and to keep you motivated. I also treat you as an individual – what works for others may not work for you, so any protocol will be tailor made specifically for you to help you get optimal results. I’ll also explain the links between how your body works and diet and lifestyle, so that you become aware of your body’s needs and I’ll help you understand why you feel like you do.

All appointments are available online or in person at my clinic in Brockham, between Reigate and Dorking, Surrey.

Why you should choose a BANT practitioner


I became a client of Elaine’s after I was struggling massively with fatigue, middle of the night insomnia and many GI symptoms.

I found Elaine to be professional, extremely friendly, adopting a holistic, person centred approach, tailoring her advice and recommendations to my own individual needs.

Through the package of care I received from Elaine plus her excellent detective work my GI symptoms have virtually subsided and my sleep pattern and energy levels continue to improve.

I can highly recommend seeing Elaine to anyone who is struggling with any of the conditions I have mentioned. She has been an absolute game changer towards my recovery.

Sheryl C, Staffordshire

I have no hesitation in thoroughly recommending anyone in need of professional nutritional health advice to seek out Elaine D’Arcy, whose approach is both holistic and gets results.

I originally approached Elaine with digestive problems that seemed intractable and could not be resolved by the doctor, whose advice I had initially sought. Elaine quickly proved to be most thorough, caring and very professional.

Having carefully established my symptoms and also gained an understanding of my overall health, I was given a food and drink diary to complete plus some initial advice. The diary proved most useful in checking for food intolerances. Elaine basically educated me on healthy eating including things to avoid and good nutritional food to include within my diet. The changes I have made to my diet have made a real difference to how I feel, and I have continued to feel much better. I am now so much more aware of what I eat and drink and the beneficial effects of healthy eating.

Tony Y, Kent

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