ME, CFS & Fibromyalgia

Do you suffer from ME, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS) or Fibromyalgia and feel like you have tried everything?

Well look no further!

As a Chrysalis Effect Practitioner I understand the plethora of symptoms you may be experiencing including fatigue, muscle pain, brain fog and gut issues. I understand the anxieties, fears and challenges that accompany ME, CFS and Fibromyalgia and the confusion surrounding being able to do something one day and not the next. I understand how helpless you will feel the longer your symptoms persist.

Even though I understand, I am not you, so I will listen to you – your story, your challenges and your fears to fully support you. You will have a programme of Nutritional Therapy and lifestyle interventions tailored to your own specific requirements. When it is appropriate we will look at what needs to be addressed for you to find balance in all aspects of your life through Wellbeing Coaching.

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I lead a team of specialist practitioners with other areas of expertise if required to ensure you get just what you need and will give email support between our sessions to help keep you on track.

Knowledge is power and it is important to me to help you understand what is going on in your body and educate you in the art of self-care to equip you with the steps you need to take to not only achieve optimal health, but to maintain the change. An essential part to your wellness is for you to join the Chrysalis Effect Online Supported Recovery Programme.

With my support and encouragement, if you are open to change you can create the life you want and deserve.

All appointments are available online or in person at my clinic in Brockham, between Reigate and Dorking, Surrey.

For more details about the Chrysalis Effect Online Supported Recovery Programme, please visit the Chrysalis Effect website.

The Chrysalis Effect Online Supported Recovery Programme

My clients work with me in conjunction with pioneering Chrysalis Effect Online Supported Recovery Programme written by Elaine Wilkins and Kelly Oldershaw, both sufferers of ME for six and seven years respectively and who are now fully recovered. They devised this 9-month programme so that you don’t have to wait for answers as long as they did. It is an essential part of your return to wellness.

What does the Chrysalis Effect Online Supported Recovery Programme include?

Although this is a nine-month proven recovery programme, you are encouraged to work at your own pace, so it may take you longer. The programme includes guided sessions every two weeks with touch base videos in between. The exercises are downloadable and printable if you struggle to spend any time on the computer. With 24-hour access to expert interviews, monthly webinars, inspirational recovery stories, together with a positive and supportive Facebook forum with others who are also on the recovery programme, this programme will provide total support.


Elaine is an excellent coach. I had her at a point of my recovery when I felt stuck and not moving forward and she was instrumental in getting me to the point of full recovery. She pushed me gently but firmly exactly with what I needed in each particular moment. I’m very grateful to her.

Maria L, Hertfordshire

Elaine was friendly and very approachable and put me at ease straight away. She was very professional at all times.

Alongside the nutritional therapy she supported me with my general recovery from CFS using The Chrysalis Effect Recovery Programme.

Elaine had a friendly manner and was non-judgemental in her approach. I felt able to ask questions at any time and wasn’t embarrassed to express any concerns. She was always positive and encouraging.

I really value the input I had from Elaine and wouldn’t hesitate to recommend her to friends and family.

Sophie B, Dorset

There aren’t the words to express the extent of my gratitude to have been coached by Elaine D’Arcy through the Chrysalis Effect Recovery Programme. I had absolutely nothing left when I started with Elaine.  My mental and physical health were in complete ruins.

Elaine has coached me through the sessions on a one to one basis. It has been in a safe space, with no judgement from her, she listens carefully, and is able to challenge me respectfully. Elaine has guided, supported and shared my journey on my recovery path. She helped me slot every building block along the way to create my new life. It has been such a unique experience to have her support, I will never be able to thank her enough.

Claire W, Somerset

Being ill can be a worrying place to be. Elaine’s knowledge, insight and empathy really helped me to have the confidence to take steps towards recovery. Her recommendations made a big difference to my energy levels and her coaching skills have helped enormously as I’ve struggled to address the emotional issues underlying my illness.

Linda G, London

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